Why delete Instagram photos in the first place?

Several reasons could lead you to want to delete several Instagram pictures at once: maybe you want to become an influencer and only post polished, professional Instagram pictures, maybe you just want to change things up in your life and delete all your old content, or maybe you have old posts that are embarrassing now that your Instagram game is improving. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for wanting to delete multiple Instagram photos at once, this guide will help you.

How to delete Instagram posts in bulk?

In 2020, Instagram will not allow users to delete more than one Instagram post at a time. You can only delete multiple posts at once using the Instagram app by deleting your account completely, which will result in the removal of all of your posts.

There are plenty of third-party applications and programs that enable you to delete Instagram posts in bulk. Programs such as Instant Cleaner, InstaClean, and Cleaner for Ins can get the job done quickly and safely.

How to delete a photo on Instagram?

You can simply delete your Instagram photos one by one without deleting your account and without using third-party apps if you prefer not to do so. You can delete photos on Instagram by tapping on them and expanding them. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and then select delete – this will remove the photo from your feed.

Can I hide my Instagram posts without deleting them?

The good news is that deleting Instagram apps is not your only option – you can easily archive posts on Instagram for an unlimited period of time. As a result, your posts will be hidden from your profile and will not be visible to you or your followers. Unlike deleting your posts, archiving them is completely reversible, so you can unhide these posts at any time and they will appear back in your profile exactly where they were before, along with their likes, comments, and captions.

Frequently asked questions about deleting Instagram posts

Can I delete multiple Instagram photos at the same time?

With third-party apps like InstaClean, you can delete multiple posts on Instagram at once.

How many Instagram photos can I archive?

There is no limit on how many Instagram photos you can have in your archive as of 2020, so if you want, you can hide hundreds of posts from your followers for any period of time.

How to get an Instagram cleaner app?

We can help if you’re looking for an Instagram cleaner app to delete multiple posts but don’t know where to find one. Getting the cleaner app is as easy as visiting the App Store or Play Store on your phone, entering the app’s name, tapping Get, and then confirming the installation.

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