How to unmute posts on Instagram using the mobile app

  • You can unmute posts on Instagram from going into the specific user’s profile page.
  • Once you’ve unmuted a user’s posts, you’ll see their content in your Instagram feed again.

We’ve shown you how to mute posts on Instagram, but what if you’ve now changed your mind and want to see that user’s content in your feed again?

While you won’t be able to unmute posts on a computer, you can with your mobile device.

In just a few steps, here’s how you can unmute posts on Instagram on your iPhone or Android.

How to unmute posts on Instagram on a mobile device

1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android. 

2. Tap the search icon at the bottom of your screen.

 Tap the “Search” bar at the top of your screen and type in the user’s name.

4. A list of suggested profiles will pop up as you type. Select the desired profile by tapping on the name once it appears.

5. Tap “Following.”

6. A list of options will pop up at the bottom of your screen. Tap “Mute.”

7. Toggle the slider to the right of “Posts.” When the slider turns gray, that means you’ve unmuted their content.

Tap on the slider to mute and unmute posts. When the slider is blue, as shown on the left, that means posts have been muted. When it is gray, as shown on the right, that means posts are not muted.

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