How to Tag Someone on Your Instagram Story

In addition to tagging someone on Instagram Stories, there are a few good reasons.

When you share an image, video, or link that shows the person in question, you should tag them in the post. If viewers wish, they can click through to their profile and learn more about them or follow them.

If the content you’re posting is relevant to them in any way, you may also want to tag them. A notification will notify them that they are being tagged, ensuring that they won’t miss out.

Two ways to tag someone in an Instagram Story:

Add text to the Instagram Story and tag them in it

  • The “Aa” icon is located in the upper right corner of the Story Editor interface.
  • You will have to type the @ symbol followed by the user name you would like to tag. When you start typing, Instagram will automatically suggest people you might want to tag. To select someone, tap their profile photo.
  • In Instagram, usernames will be underlined.

Using this method, you can add the tag by itself or in the middle of additional text.

Add a @Mention sticker

  • Tap the sticker icon in the Story Editor interface.
  • Please select the @Mention sticker.
  • Type the username you’d like to tag. Instagram will display suggestions, and you can tap a user’s profile picture to select them.

You can tag up to 10 people in one Story.

How to tag someone after you publish your Instagram Story

Did you forget to tag someone in your Story?

The bad news is that, unlike Feed posts, after a Story has been published, you cannot add tags to it.

Stories are short, you can post as many as you like, and they appear one after another.

The post can always be uploaded again once it is tagged. Essentially, your followers will see the same post twice, once with and once without the tag.

Delete only the previous story and try again if you don’t want to bother your followers with an identical slide.

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