How to send a bomb picture on Instagram

With Instagram posts, the first feature that stands out is the ability to send self-destructing files to better secure items shared in conversations. This feature is called Instagram Direct, and once you find out how to use the Photo Bomb button, we will spend some time explaining how to use it.

There is a common practice among Instagram users to send private messages by using the direct message function. However, did you know that you can use this feature for other purposes than sending messages? In addition to sharing someone’s Instagram profile, it is also possible to send pictures to someone through the app. However, I must point out that it is not your regular picture. It is possible to send images or videos which disappear once they have been viewed.

What are the different settings for Instagram Direct photos?

When you are looking for a messaging platform that allows you to hide actions, Instagram Direct is probably one of the best platforms for such a purpose, because it allows you to send voice messages, photos, videos, or any other documents with the option to have them hidden if you leave the conversation.

By using Instagram Direct, you can leave the conversation without being able to see it again. That is, when you exit this tool, everything that lives here is automatically wiped out. When you choose this option, the temporary photos, videos and other files will not be available to you anymore. For this function, you can choose from a variety of configurations such as the following:

See only once

Instagram provides the option that someone can only view an image once, which is for the purpose of protecting your files. It is not prohibited that the user captures the screen, but nevertheless, they are notifying that action in the chat.

Allow seeing again

When it opens the first time, you will be able to reopen it, giving the person who will receive the file a sight of that element again, that is, you will be able to see it again when it is closed the first time.

Keep in chat

When you press this option, it will allow the photo to stay as long as the conversation lasts, so you can keep sending files if you require someone to see the file constantly.

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