How to Get Rid of the Friend Activity Tab on Spotify

The best way to get rid of the Friend Activity Tab on Spotify

The Friend Activity tab in Spotify’s desktop app allows you to see what music your friends are listening to. You can hide the panel if you care less about that so that you have more screen space in the app. This is what we are going to show you how to do.

If you want to hide the Friend Activity tab on Spotify, you can do so using either of the following methods.

Note: Just keep in mind that Spotify only displays the Friend Activity tab in its desktop app, so you will only need to perform this procedure on your computer.

Spotify’s Friend Activity Tab can be hidden by using a menu bar option in the menu bar

Use Spotify’s menu bar option to remove the Friend Activity tab from your view, which is a quick way to remove it from your view.

Click the three dots in the top-left corner of Spotify’s window if you’re using a Windows PC.
Then select View > Friend Activity from the menu that appears.

Tip: You can always re-enable the Friends Activity tab by clicking the same View > Friends Activity option in the future.

The tab has now been disabled.

For Mac users, click View > Friend Activity from Spotify’s menu bar, and the tab will be gone. Your account is now set up.

Remove Spotify’s Friends Activity Panel from the Settings page

Another way for getting rid of the Friend Activity on Spotify would be to use an option within the Settings menu of the app. You can use this method whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or Linux.

You can use this method by clicking on your profile icon in the top-right corner of Spotify, then clicking on “Settings.”

The “Display” section can be found at the bottom of the “Settings” page. Using this button, you can turn off the “See What Your Friends Are Playing” feature.

Tip: You can return the tab by enabling “See What Your Friends Are Playing” at a later time.

The Friend Activity panel on your Spotify screen will be immediately removed from your screen. Your music listening screen will now be as uncluttered as possible!

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