How To Edit An Instagram Comment?

Isn’t it the worst feeling when you take your time to write a comment on an Instagram post only to find a bunch of typos and words that autocorrect wrongly replaced?

It makes you feel ashamed, stupid, and illiterate.

You then go back to edit it.

But how do you edit an Instagram comment?

We’re not exactly lucky with Instagram since they don’t offer any editing options for comments, so we’re left to wallow in our own shame.

Delete. Yes, please delete.

The only way to edit an Instagram comment is to delete it and repost the edited version. You can delete a comment on Instagram by tapping and holding the comment you want to delete on an Android phone or by swiping left on an iPhone. To delete a comment, click the three dots next to the comment and select the ‘Delete’ option.

While I know it’s a hassle, and you’d rather edit your comment than delete and write it all over again, that’s the only option you have until Instagram gives us that option (perhaps never).

You can do this with all your comments on your own posts or other people’s posts, as well as other people’s comments if they are under your post.

  • You can edit an Instagram comment on your smartphone
  • Using your desktop to edit Instagram comments

So here’s how to edit an Instagram comment… by deleting it:

I briefly summarized it above, but let’s look at how you can delete an Instagram comment on your phone and desktop in more detail:

How to edit an Instagram comment on your smartphone

1. If you want to edit a comment under a post in which you have posted, tap the little human icon near the bottom right corner of your profile.

2. Go to the post you wish to edit and tap the speech bubble. If you are using an Android device, tap and hold your comment, which will be highlighted in light blue, and tap the trash can icon. If you’re using an iPhone, swipe left over your comment and tap the trash can icon. You can’t go back once you’ve pressed it, it’ll delete it immediately.

3. Type your new and improved comment and click “Post”.

4. Are there any ways to edit a comment someone else posted to their Instagram? To edit someone else’s comment, you will need to go to that person’s profile – either by searching their name or looking under the “followers” or “following” tab in your profile – and tap the speech bubble icon for their post, then tap and swipe left to delete the comment.

5. This may be difficult and time-consuming if a large number of comments are submitted, but there may be a workaround. The person who liked or replied to your comment can be found very easily. You can see all the likes, mentions, and replies to your comments and posts by tapping the heart icon at the bottom of the Instagram app. There will be a notification if someone has liked or replied to your comment.

Additionally, if other people’s comments appear under your posts, you can delete them as well.

How to edit an Instagram comment on your desktop

Think again if you think that being unable to edit your comment without deleting it is a nightmare. In the Instagram app on your desktop, you couldn’t even do that. Here’s how you can:

1. Sign in to on your desktop. 

2. Log into your profile by clicking on your profile photo in the top right-hand corner, or click on the “followers” or “following” tabs under your profile name to find other people’s profiles.

3. Find the post you commented on.

4. As with a smartphone, the same rules apply here. You can find out if someone liked or responded to your comment by clicking on the heart icon at the top of the screen.

5. Locate your comment and click on the three dots to the right of it.

6. Click delete.

7. However, don’t forget to copy-paste your comment before you delete it so that you can edit it without having to rewrite it. Once you select the comment on your smartphone, you cannot select the text, you can only delete it. Therefore, if you have the choice, and especially if you took the time to compose a long comment you can’t fully duplicate, edit it on your desktop instead.

8. Add your new comment to the comment box and click ‘Post’.

Therefore, you have the answer. Comment on Instagram cannot be edited, but they can be deleted and re-posted.

Instagram, get your marbles together, and let us edit our own comments like normal humans!

Hopefully, this quick tutorial on how to edit an Instagram comment has helped you in some way. If you have a magical workaround for this, let us know in the comments below. Social media tricks are hot right now!

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