How to Delete and Remove All Likes on Instagram

Let’s review how you can remove likes:

How to remove likes manually on the Instagram app

In this tutorial, we’re using the iOS version of the Instagram app. You shouldn’t have any problem navigating the app on Android, since the steps are pretty similar.

  1. Launch the Instagram App
    Tap on the app to open and hit your profile photo at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Select the “Hamburger” Icon

You can access the menu by tapping on the hamburger icon or the three-line icon at the top right of your screen.

3. Access Settings

At the bottom of the menu, click Settings. It would take you to a whole set of options.

4. Tap on “Account”

You can access your recent activities and account settings in the Account menu. Check out your likes by selecting Posts You’ve Liked.

5. Select the posts to unlike

Tap on the heart icon under the liked posts to unlike each one. You can also swipe through to see the unliked posts. The process can take quite some time. Instagram, like all other social media apps, does not provide a native unliking feature.
The tip: Select one at a time instead of three to preview liked posts. Hopefully, this will speed up the process a little.

What Can You Do on Desktop Instagram?

There are some limitations to what you can do on a desktop with Instagram since it is an app-driven social media. You can’t preview liked posts, and you can’t upload photos. However, you can delete posts from the Saved list.

It would be a good idea to know how to un save Instagram posts on a desktop if you’ve saved one.

  1. Go to Instagram

Log in to Instagram in your browser.

2. Select the Profile Icon

You can access your Instagram profile page by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner

3. Click on the “Saved” tab

Your saved posts can be viewed and un-saved on your profile by tapping the Saved tap. It is possible to unlike a post if you liked it as well by clicking the “heart” icon.

4. Unsave the Posts

Using the ribbon under the comments, select the saved posts and un-save them. If you want to remove multiple posts, you will have to repeat the procedure.

The limitations on third-party apps

We’d like to answer a question before we push forward with the discussion of third-party apps. Since Instagram publishes an application programming interface (API), people can write applications that interact directly with the Instagram service, why isn’t there an instantaneous way to simply remove all your likes?

The answer is yes, but no one could manage it. In fact, Instagram doesn’t mind if you use a third-party app that uses its API to make some things more efficient, but it frowns on users automating their entire accounts.

It may rub them the wrong way if an app just deletes your likes (or anything else in your account). They want real people to do real things, not bots running programs. An app that erases all of your likes at once is a great way to accidentally get banned from the platform.

Therefore, the apps we’re going to discuss will enable you to remove your likes but will require you to do it fairly slowly (albeit automatically) so Instagram doesn’t flip its wig and ban you from using automation tools. There is a general consensus in the user community that you can do about 300 dislikes a day without triggering the algorithms.

Third-Party Apps to Remove Likes on Instagram

A third-party app is the only way to manage your Instagram account efficiently (or to delete all of your likes). In addition to removing all likes at once, these apps offer other features that may be of interest to you. You are welcome to check them out since they are essentially social media management tools.

How To Delete And Remove All Likes On Instagram 

Instagram is one of the most popular and influential social media platforms. A wide range of people uses it for varying purposes. Some people use Instagram to share photos and videos of their adventures, special events, and even their daily lives. In addition to small businesses, some users run multibillion-dollar businesses using the platform. Businesses can advertise their products and services to more than a billion Instagram users via this platform.

Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing app into a dynamic social media network and a sales channel for many businesses since its launch in 2010. Indeed, it has changed a lot of lives. No wonder Instagram users value ‘likes’ on their posts so much.

Instagram likes are crucial to boosting one’s popularity and credibility. Your posts are more likely to gain followers the more likes they get. Instagram “likes” have become so valuable that some users even pay third-party companies to produce astroturfed “like” campaigns that give them some (fake) popularity.

Instagram users might change their minds over a particular post or snap as they gain more experience, so they might decide to like that post or snap was a mistake. Regular users, as well as powerful “influencers”, may need to remove their likes from time to time.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy for a user to remove ALL of their likes (or even just a lot of them). Unliking is usually a tedious process of going through posts one by one, but there are apps that simplify the process. The following article will give you a walkthrough on how to speed up the unliking process.

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