How to call someone on Instagram?

If you want to call only one person, do this:

  • Go to your Direct Messages (DMs)
  • You need to find the person you want to call
  • On your screen, click the “video camera” icon in the top left corner

2. How to call a group of people on Instagram?

To begin, you need to set up a group chat in your DMs. Group chats are created as follows:

  • You should go into your DMs
  • On your screen, click the + button in the top right corner
  • Add your friends to the group chat
  • Create a group chat name
  • To call them, click on the “video camera” icon

At the moment, Instagram only allows four users to video chat simultaneously.

3. Minimize your video screen to use Instagram while you chat

The video will take up your entire screen if you call someone.

At the same time you talk, you can also use Instagram!

Resize the window to a smaller size. Shrink the video as follows:

  • Press on the icon that is on the top left corner of the screen

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