Can People See How Many Times You Viewed their Instagram Story?

Instagram is a social media platform that allows its users to upload photos and videos. By liking and commenting on their pictures, you can interact with the people you follow. Your feed shows you new posts that have been uploaded, and you can explore more content that suits you on the explore page.

It was at first just a photo-sharing platform, and viewers didn’t have access to Instagram. Next, video became available, allowing users to upload videos and apply filters. In response to Snapchat’s introduction of stories, Instagram added the same feature, allowing you to post a photo or video at any time on your story for your followers to see.

You may watch someone’s story more than once if you like their content. A story on Instagram is available for only 24 hours, so you’ll want to view it as much as you can before it disappears. If you have viewed someone’s story more than once, you may be worried that they will see how many times you watched their story.

Can People See How Many Times You Watch their Story

Instagram does not allow people to see how many times their story has been viewed. Instagram shows the person the number of views and who viewed the story. It will still count as one view if you viewed their story more than once.

Those at the top of your list are the people who admire you the most. This algorithm, which determines the order in which your stories are viewed, is based on interaction. People at the top of your profile are those with whom you have mutual interactions. The story views are not sorted in reverse chronological order after a certain number of views, so you won’t be able to see who viewed your story recently.

You can view the stories you’ve uploaded in order by tapping on your profile picture. From here, you can swipe up to discover who viewed your story and their profile picture. Each person will count as one view, so you won’t be able to see how many people viewed your story.

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