How to Back date Instagram Post?

The first step to uploading a photo or video is to open it with the “Edit” button and then select “Change Date & Time.” Change the date of the photo or video to the current date and click “Done.” Now whenever you check your Camera Roll, your latest photo or video will appear.

How do I put an Instagram post to a date which is already passed?

You can use the “Edit” function on the post itself to add an Instagram post to a date that has already passed. It’s possible to change the date of when it is going to be published under the “Date Published” section.

How do you backdate a story on Instagram?

Open the Instagram app and swipe left to open up the Stories screen. This will allow you to backdate a story on Instagram. Select the photo or video you want to share, and then tap the + button in the top left corner and select “Backdate.” You can add text and effects to your photo or video by selecting filters and editing tools. You will see the story appear at the top of your followers’ news feeds as soon as you tap the “Share” button.

How do I put the current date on my Instagram story?

In order to automatically add the current date to your Instagram story, simply type “date” into the text field and it will automatically adjust to the current date.

How can I fake my temperature on Instagram?

There is no surefire way to make your Instagram temperature appear higher than it actually is, as the application does not allow users to input numerical values for their temperatures. Although, you can still manage to go around this, you could try taking a picture of a thermometer and putting the temperature reading on the picture, or you could post a screenshot of your weather app with the temperature displayed.

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